The Sportsbox will be closed with effect from 24th December until Monday January 3rd. 
And – as Monday 3rd is a Bank Holiday – opening hours on that day will be from 8.00am until 3.00pm – Academy please note.
For those who use SJB – please note that the Sportshall will not be available with effect from 9th December until January 6th





Woking Athletic Club is very pleased to announce the introduction of a new Grant Scheme, aimed at providing some degree of financial support for qualifying athletes. This new scheme, which will come into force in October 2021 and is aimed at first year under 17 or older, will provide up to £500 in any one year to any athlete who is clearly demonstrating real potential and who meets all the qualifying criteria.


Over recent years there have been some superb performances at County, Regional and National level and some of our athletes have been honoured with international selection. As part of the Club’s drive and determination to continue to grow and develop, the Committee hopes that the introduction of this new grant scheme will act as a real motivator for many of our athletes.


Full details of the scheme and how it will operate can be found on the Club’s website at


Committee Meetings        

These are held every 6 weeks or so at Egley Road Sportsbox.  Please contact any committee member if you would like to raise anything for discussion.
Next Meeting Wednesday 13 October 2021 – 19:00 SportsBox



First and foremost, I hope you are all safe and well and have avoided this horrible virus.

At last, some good news! We have been advised that the Sportsbox is anticipating re-opening on April 12th, so hopefully athletes will be able to resume training and looking forward to some competition during
the Summer.

Though we hope to re-open w/c 12th April, we will still – and for some time – have to operate in a ‘restricted environment’, with social distancing continuing to be a vital component in the fight against COVID

This means that we will have to continue to control numbers and divide groups accordingly. Our COVID 19 team are working on putting together a structure together which will, hopefully, accommodate as many as
possible.  We will let you know, in due course, once we have an agreed structure.  Please listen to your coaches, don’t go mad, all that does is cause injury.

Remember this virus has not gone away so
HANDS FACE SPACE still applies.

Stay safe, and I look forward to seeing you down at the track.

Ian Deaves

Dear Athlete/Parent

The government and England Athletics have confirmed that all athletic activities must cease from 5th November.  This despite England Athletics lobbying for some relaxation.

I’m sure you will feel, like me, very disappointed that we cannot continue with our activities, even with all the restrictions that the coaches have set up and you have all respected, thank you for doing so.

However, we must stay positive and look forward to early December when hopefully things will resume.  Meanwhile stay safe and well.  I’m thinking of you all and hoping that we can look at the light at the end of the tunnel. It is there!

Ian Deaves – Chairman



Covid-19 update

Dear Member

Given the level of enquiries and the, at times, circulation of confusing information, we feel it is necessary to now advise that the Club will remain closed to all training and other activities at least until 31st July.  

This decision has been largely influenced by the demands which would be made upon us to safely and confidently implement all of the restrictions and requirements as outlined in the Stage 2 update issued by England Athletics.  A summary of these requirements is attached for your information and includes such as:-

  1. Social distancing and the advice that a one lane gap is not sufficient (thus on an eight lane track, we would use lanes 1,4 and 7)
  2. Coach athlete group size limited to a total of SIX.
  3. Cleaning of ALL equipment before and after use
  4. Difficulty of ensuring social distancing in travelling through reception to the track.
  5. Constant Cleaning of all communal surfaces e.g:  Grab-rails in corridors and stairwells: Door handles: Toilets – if applicable
    1. AND – we have no control or influence over other facility users – how would this be managed? 
  6. Parental assurance that athlete and their family are virus free etc.
  7. No car sharing between different households.
  8. Health & Safety, cleaning protocols and coaching plans all to be co-ordinated between coaches AND Freedom Leisure.
  9. Dealing with the issue of body fluids – athletes do have a natural tendency to spit during training
  10. The arduous task of completing a thorough Risk assessment and ensuring it fits with that produced by Freedom Leisure

We trust you will understand and support this decision.  Rest assured we are all desperately keen to resume activities within the Club and once we can see further positive changes, which enable us to function in an acceptable way we will immediately and happily so advise.

By the way, regardless of all of the above – please note that Egley Road remains closed!

The next update will be issued circa 31st July, unless circumstances change such that an earlier update is required. In the meantime, we do hope that you and your family all stay safe and well



Ian Deaves – Chairman

On behalf of the Committee


2020/21 subscriptions   

You may be wondering about your subscription for this year.

In the light of the current situation, the Club is waiting to receive the decision of England Athletics regarding training, competition, affiliations and registration for 2020/21. Club membership will be reduced to take account of their decision and of the time the track is closed.

As soon as we have any information we will let you know.

Meanwhile keep fit and healthy and hope that we can soon be back to normal.



Dear All
In the light of the Government’s recent announcements, and even before any official notification from England Athletics, we feel it is prudent to cease Club activities immediately and until further notice. This is not just competition but training, and any other meeting involving our members and parents. You may know that the decision has already been taken to cease Academy activities.
As this was being prepared England Athletics have announced that this is indeed their instruction – to abandon all face-to-face activities within Clubs.
This also means that the AGM scheduled for 27th March is cancelled.
Joe Holden is being asked to communicate with all coaches asking them to make contact with all their athletes, and thus they will deal with any queries which you or your parents may have.
The Treasurer and others will be working on the matter of scale and collection of subs and will be in touch with you all before long.
Do please take heed of the health and well-being instructions being issued by the Government.
We are sorry that this is the current realistic situation, but it is vital that we acknowledge the Club’s duty of care to you all. Your health and well-being are paramount in our concerns in all of this.
Keep Well
Susan Deaves 
Ian Deaves


England Athletics statement (17th March):     

England Athletics advises that all face-to-face activity such as club training sessions, events, competitions, club committee and face-to-face meetings, athlete camps, running groups and social events should be suspended until at least the end of April


Current advice

At the moment it would appear that this part of England is a low risk area. However, we feel that we should take note of the advice being given and be watchful.

The most important advice is to thoroughly wash hands and more frequently (singing the National Anthem slowly is about the right length of time)

The infection is not serious for most people – they recover after a week or so with rest and hydration. However, if you do feel you have the symptoms, contact the NHS help line on 111.

Public Health England continue to monitor the situation closely and state that you can only catch the virus if you have been in close contact with someone who already has it.

At present, as far as the Club is concerned, we continue to function as before but suggest that extra washing of hands before and after training is a good move.