It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the death on Sunday of June Rush after a lengthy and grim struggle with cancer.

June was the Club’s General Secretary for very many years, and with her late husband , Mick, our pole vault coach, was ever-present at Sheerwater when the Club was making its way into the Leagues, and widening the scope of the Club’s activities.

June was always greeting and encouraging parents and bystanders to become involved in helping to run the Club, and her enthusiasm resulted in many “helpers” supporting all the Club’s activities.   She was also well-known to other Surrey Clubs, and could be seen chatting to all and sundry at any of the championship meetings, which often resulted in more help for Woking AC!

The current healthy financial position of the Club owes a great deal to the Rush family, and their colleagues at the time, in endless hard work in raising funds.  June was actually the Chairman of the renowned WACSA – Woking AC Supporters’ Club – where she was supported by, among others, Pat Moore, and Brian Hooper’s mother. 

Even after June had given up the secretaryship and Mick his coaching, they remained extremely interested, and always prepared to help, in everything the Club was doing.  They would turn their hand to anything.  June and Mick were the very people who made Woking AC such a friendly and successful Club, where so many very long-term friendships were formed.

Eventually some five years ago, June returned to her Welsh roots and she and Mick started on their new lives.  Tragically, in the subsequent few years, Mick has also succumbed to cancer and after that, June did not have very long without him before she, too became so unwell.

Their whole family were “died in the wool” Woking AC.  All three children competed for the Club, and Mandy even married a fellow Club member, Clive Hensby.  Simon and Anita competed for Woking AC for very many years.  In fact, I would think if we were really short of a second SW shot putter, Anita might well answer the call!!

It really is the passing of an era with today’s news, and I am sure the Club would join me in sending our deepest sympathy and kindest thoughts to all the family.  We were so lucky to have them in our midst.


Susan Deaves