Many thanks to all of you who took the time to complete the Club survey. As a Club committee we have taken the time to thoroughly analyse the responses and feedback that was given.

Overall, the feedback received was very positive and that made for great reading. Specific feedback to individual coaches and different disciplines within the club has been fed back and gratefully received.

As a Club committee we will endeavour to ensure that the website is current and up to date with information on the specific leagues that we enter, photos and email addresses of Club officers, news articles. Coaches have been asked to include all athletes and/or athletes’ parents in the event specific WhatsApp groups.

Quotes for additional items of Club kit are currently in progress and we are looking into extra signage to promote the club in the grounds of the Sportsbox.

We are also discussing new ways in which successes, throughout the club, can be celebrated.

As a Club we always ask for volunteers to help on training nights or at home meetings and it probably seems quite daunting. It is however your help with making teas/coffees, assisting coaches by holding a tape measure/stopwatch or raking the sandpit that really make the difference to a training night. Or do you work in an industry that could offer its services for example photography, event management or print and design?

At the end of the day the more volunteers we have supporting the club the even more successful we can make it.

Giving a bit of your time would see far reaching benefits and be hugely appreciated.