New Club Rules

A few new Club Rules have just been added/amended below

  • Membership cards must be shown by all members at gate reception, otherwise entry may be refused.
  • Athletes must have have paid their subscription in full before competing for the Club, otherwise they cannot compete. 
  • Regular attendance at training sessions is expected. Lack of attendance may result in the Club’s reviewing of the athlete’s membership.
  • Athletes must make themselves available to compete. 
  • Indiscipline and disrespect of coaches will not be tolerated. A coach may suspend the athlete for the remainder of the session. Club Rule 8.7 may be brought into effect in cases of misconduct.

Training Rules

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Privacy Policy

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Woking Athletic Club operates a Grant Scheme, aimed at providing some degree of financial support for qualifying athletes.  The scheme is aimed at first year under 17 or older, and provides up to £500 in any one year to any athlete who is clearly demonstrating real potential and who meets all  the qualifying criteria.

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